The Spicy Olive’s Red, White, and Blue Salad
A salad made for Memorial Day and 4th of July!
  • 1package mixed greens with spinach
  • 1package Strawberriessliced
  • 1package blueberrieswashed
  • 5oz Feta Cheesecrumbled
  • 1/4cup almond sliverstoasted
  • 1/4cup The Spicy Olive’s Strawberry balsamic vinegar*could use our Blueberry balsamic instead or mix the strawberry and blueberry half and half for a very berry flavor
  • 1/4cup The Spicy Olive’s Lemon olive oil*could use the Basil oil for a sweet and savory flavor
  1. Whisk the olive oil and vinegar together. Place the greens in a salad serving bowl. Top with strawberries, blueberries, feta, and almonds. Pour dressing over salad. Toss until coated and serve.