Spicy Olive Ultrs Premium oliv eoils

Fresh Olive Oils from Northern Hemisphere are at The Spicy Olive!! January 13, 2021

The Spicy Olive is committed to the freshness of our olive oils. We educate our customers on the health benefits contained in olive oil, properties that lower blood pressure and cholesterol and fight inflammation in your body as well as anti-oxidants that fight free radicals . These agents in olive oil, called biophenols, are most active in fresh, newly pressed olive oil. That is why The Spicy Olive offers olive oils from both hemispheres in a year, Northern Hemisphere olive oils are harvested in November and December so they are arriving at our stores now. We will switch to the Southern Hemisphere after they are harvested in May and June 2021. They will arrive in late summer 2021. We do this so that the health impacting agents in our olive oils are active and also fresh olive oil tastes better too!

The article linked below talks about our supplier Veronica Foods and their commitment to fresh, healthy olive oils. It also talks about our Ultra Premium olive oils which are the oils sold at The Spicy Olive. They are the highest quality olive oils available and Veronica Foods is committed to delivering that superlative olive oil to the stores they supply.