Healthy Eating in The New Year

Happy New Year! If you are looking to begin the New Year with healthy eating, the Italians have habits that you would be wise to adopt! Here is an article from Apple News on the things that Italians do that we should imitate. Of course, my favorite one is making olive oil the healthy fat in your diet! In January and February, the newly crushed, fresh olive oils (from the Northern Hemisphere) will be arriving at The Spicy Olive. The first ones to arrive are from Spain, California and Greece. Fresh olive oils are full of active biophenols that impart many health benefits such as fighting inflammation naturally, high amounts of antioxidant vitamins, and cancer fighting agents. Fresh olive oils also lower bad cholesterol levels and raise good cholesterol and also lower blood pressure. Here is the link to the article and be sure to stop into The Spicy Olive to see the difference fresh olive oil can make for your health and also for your taste buds!