Northern Hemisphere Single Varietal Olive Oils

     The fresh olive oils from the Northern Hemisphere are now at The Spicy Olive! Freshness is so important to an olive oil. All the good things that make olive oil healthy for you dissipate and disappear over time. The polyphenols, anti-oxidants and anti inflammatory agents found in olive oil break down over time and exposure to light, heat and air. Think about that the next time you are in a grocery store looking at the rows of olive oil. The consumer has no idea when that olive oil was crushed, usually they don’t know the country of origin and many of the bottles of oil are in clear glass under the bright store lights, the polyphenols and other healthy components are no longer in that olive oil!

     Our Northern Hemisphere single varietals have just arrived from Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Greece and California! They were picked and crushed in November and December 2012. These are the freshest olive oils you can find! The olive oils list country of origin, crush date, polyphenol counts and other chemical indicators that you cannot find at your traditional grocery store. The Spicy Olive is committed to bringing the freshest, healthiest olive oils to our customers. You can taste each variety before purchase so you can find the perfect olive oil for your tastes! Come to The Spicy Olive and taste the difference fresh makes!