The Spicy Olive and BioPhenols

If you have been into one of the three Spicy Olive locations recently to try out our fresh new Northern Hemisphere olive oils, you may have noticed that our fusti tags now show Biophenol counts instead of polyphenol levels. What is this all about?

Phenols are the components in olive oil that deliver health benefits. The North American Olive Oil Council has adopted a standard of measurement for olive oils and it wants biophenol levels to be reflected. We are following that protocol. For example, oleocanthal is a potent bio phenol found in olive oil and is involved in the anti inflammatory affect of olive oil. This phenol is included in our bio phenol count among many others (as it was in previous years). It does not change anything in the long run, you may notice that our counts are a bit higher than they used to be because we are using this new standard.

Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have!