The Spicy Olive introduces Olive Leaf Teas!

Olive leaf teas have been enjoyed and used to boost health in the Mediterranean region for centuries. Olive leaves have the same anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties that olive oils contain. Stone and Grove Teas from Australia create these lovely tea blends. They pick the tea leaves and roll and dry them within an hour or 2 from picking, ensuring that the healthy phenols in the leaf are preserved for your tea.

The Spicy Olive carries several tea blends:

100% Olive Leaf Tea- This tea is delicious and contains the highest level of anti oxidants.

Olive Leaf Tea and Sencha Green Tea Blend

Women’s Health Blend- contains olive leaf, rose hips and nettle to aid in urinary tract health and other women’s health issues

Energy Blend- this blend is the only tea blend that contains some caffeine. Contains Yerba Matte

Immunity Blend-this blend contains olive leaf, echinacea, lemon peel, and other herbs to encourage your immune system.

Detox Blend- this blend has olive leaf and other natural herbs to aid in the health of your liver and kidneys

These teas are great for these cold winter days, but are also delicious iced.

The teas come in  canisters that contain 16 tea bags for $11.00