The Spicy Olive’s Macerated Berries

Macerated Berries


2 C fresh strawberries 1/2 C The Spicy Olive Chocolate Balsamic 1/2 C The Spicy Olive Blood Orange Olive Oil 1 tsp. granulated sugar 1/2 C fresh basil, rolled lengthwise and then sliced lengthwise


Slice berries lengthwise into very thin slices. Add equal parts balsamic & oil. Gently fold in fresh basil & sugar. Reserve and spoon over top of ice cream or serve in a bowl with fresh whipped cream.

LOW FAT VERSION: Reduce the Olive Oil to 1 Tablespoon for a lower fat taste treat. You need a little bit of oil to “bind” the “sauce”, so don’t leave it out!

Alternative Spicy Olive Balsamic Vinegar Suggestions:

Strawberry Balsamic, Fig Balsamic, 18 Year Traditional Balsamic, Raspberry Balsamic, Espresso Balsamic, Chocolate Balsamic