The Spicy Olive’s Smoked Elderberry Pork Ribs

2 small racks of pork ribs
Kosher salt
Fresh ground black pepper
½ cup of The Spicy Olive’s  Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar
2 tablespoons of The Spicy Olive’s Honey-Ginger Balsamic
¼ cup of meat broth / stock (your choice)
1 tablespoon The Spicy Olive’s Butter Infused Olive Oil.

Season the ribs with salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate ribs overnight. The following day – smoke ribs at 225 degrees for 1.5 hrs. or until the meat moves freely from the bone.
While ribs are smoking- in a saucepan over medium heat, cook the Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar, Honey-Ginger Balsamic Vinegar, and meat broth. Cook until liquid is reduced by half, add the Butter Infused Olive Oil, continue to cook, and stir until the sauce is thick and emulsified. Set aside.
Once ribs are cooked, slice the ribs into individual bones. Brush sauce to coat ribs and serve.

The Spicy Olive’s Grilled Lamb Chops

Marinated, grilled lamb chops are perfect for Easter or any special occasion. There are many combinations of The Spicy Olive’s balsamic vinegars and olive oils that work well here. Some ideas to try are:


Rosemary olive oil with Lavender balsamic

Tuscan Herb olive oil with Sicilian Lemon balsamic

Garlic olive oil with Oregano white balsamic

Single varietal olive oil with Neapolitan Herb balsamic


The Spicy Olive’s Best Flank Steak

This recipe is a delicious way to add flavor to a flank steak. You can also use a flat iron steak or a skirt steak. This marinade will add flavor to strip steaks or rib eye steaks too! Marinade overnight for full flavor or at least for 2 hours, and allow steak to come to room temperature before grilling, this releases the flavors into the meat. Flanks steaks are an affordable way to have steak for company!

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Happy Memorial Day -News From The Spicy Olive

The Spicy Olive will welcome a new olive oil and a new balsamic vinegar to its lineup in June. A new mildly hot but smoky olive oil, Smoky Chaabani Chili olive oil and a new white balsamic vinegar, Wild Cascadian Raspberry, perfect for summer cocktails and salads!

This newsletter also features great recipes for Memorial Day weekend;

The Spicy Olive’s Red White and Blue Salad, Summer Sippers and Blackberry Ginger Pork Tenderloin!

The Spicy Olive, West Chester, Hyde Park and Austin Landing, will be closed on Memorial Day to kick off the summer with our families!