Wild Blueberry

Flavor: Rich, fruity and dense

Complements: Salad, fruit, chicken, beef, pork

Oil Pairings: Basil, Frantoio, Harissa, Lemon, Persian Lime, Tuscan Herb


  1. Drizzle on onions to caramelize in a sauté pan
  2. Drizzle over fresh sliced peaches, cantaloupe, fruit salad and ice cream
  3. Reduce to use as syrup on waffles, pancakes or French toast
  4. Combine with Frantoio, Harissa Persian Lime or Lemon EVOO to make a delicious, fruity salad dressing
  5. Combine with Tuscan Herb or Basil EVOO for a sweet and savory marinade or salad dressing