Spicy Olive on Fox 19 Now Morning Show- Maple Pork Tenderloin with Farro, Apples and Arugula

Melanie Cedargren, owner of The Spicy Olive, made a delicious yet simple dinner on the Fox 19 Morning show.

The pork tenderloin medallions are browned in Garlic olive oil for 2-3 minutes per side. A sauce is made by reducing a dry white wine in the pan with the brown bits from the pork. The Spicy Olive’s Vermont Maple balsamic and our Roasted Garlic and Champagne mustard are then added to the sauce.

A side dish of farro, arugula and fresh apples,  coated in the Vermont Maple balsamic and mustard dressing, compliment the pork medallions. This is a quick an easy dish that is suitable for a weekend meal but delicious enough for company on a weekend!

Here is the recipe from our website:https://www.thespicyolive.com/recipe/the-spicy-olives-maple-pork-tenderloin-with-farro-apples-and-arugula/