The Spicy Olive’s Festive Raspberry Salad

This is a delicious salad anytime of the year, but is especially festive during the holidays. The recipe comes from a Spicy Olive employee, Dianne and is one of our favorites!

The colors of the spinach, kiwi slices and raspberries are so pretty together and the Macadamia nuts pieces make the salad special, they are not a usual nut to top a salad and are really delicious!


The Spicy Olive’s Blueberry Buttermilk Cake

This cake is a delightful summer treat or one to make in the winter when you want the summer taste of blueberries (use frozen blueberries then!)
The Spicy Olive’s mild Ultra Premium EVOOs are perfect for this cake or our citrus oils such as Blood Orange or Meyer Lemon would be delicious in this recipe as well as our Butter olive oil. So many options, and they are all good!

Squalene and A- Tocopherol Levels in Spicy Olive Fresh Olive Oils

New Southern Hemisphere Olive Oils Are Here!
    The Spicy Olive is committed to offering the freshest olive oils to our customers. Fresh olive oils are healthy olive oils, full of biophenols that impact your health in very positive ways. Our two new olive oils arrived from Chile this week, an Arbequina and a Koroneiki, both robust with significant biophenol counts. These oils were harvested and crushed in May/June, 2019. You will also notice new information on our fusti tags. We are now providing Squalene and A-Tocopherols (vitamin E) counts!
     Squalene is a component in olive oil that benefits your cardiovascular system, lowering blood pressure, increasing good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol levels. Squalene is also very good for your skin, increasing skin lipid levels and protecting from skin cancer. Squalene is a major intermediary in the biosynthesis of sterols, including cholesterol, steroid hormones and Vitamin D. Squalene also has potent antioxidant activity (scavenge of free radicals) Studies have shown Squalene to kill breast cancer cells in petri dishes. More studies on this are under way. Squalene numbers in extra virgin olive oil range from 2000-9000ppm. Some of our incoming Southern Hemisphere olive oils exceed 9000ppm!
        A-Tocopherols is a form of Vitamin E that is absorbed and accumulated in humans.
Recommended daily allowance of Vitamin E is 10mg/day.
The concentration of Vitamin E in extra virgin olive oil varies between 15-300 mg/kg which is 30% of RDA.
Vitamin E deficiency causes neurological problems due to poor nerve conduction and anemia due to oxidative damage to red blood cells.
EVOO that contain A-Tocopherols also reduce the risk of atherosclerosis by preventing lipoprotein oxidation and reduction of free radical production.
Fresh olive oils deliver numerous health benefits and they also taste better! Life is too short and your health is too important to eat old, substandard olive oil!

Two Spicy Olive Oils Win Gold Medals!

The Spicy Olive is committed to bringing our customers the freshest, highest quality olive oils available.

We are so pleased that two of our fresh olive oils have been awarded Gold Medals from the 2019 Los Angeles Olive Oil Competition. Our Picual and Hojiblanca from Spain have both been awarded Gold Medals.  Melgarejo is the producer of these superlative olive oils.

Our olive oils have an edge on other oils because of our freshness. When olive oils are fresh, they taste better, but they also provide more anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory action. That is due to the biophenols in olive oil. They are more active when the olive oil is  fresh. Biophenols dissipate over time from exposure to light, heat and oxygen.

Come in and try these two delicious olive oils. At The Spicy Olive, you can taste our oils before purchase. These olive oils will not last long. We will be switching to Southern Hemisphere olive oils later this summer in an effort to always supply the freshest olive oils available.

Single-Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our single-varietal extra virgin olive oils are the absolute best; you simply will not find matched quality in any of the big box grocery stores. These products are sourced from around the world from the countries of Italy, Australia, South Africa, Chile and Argentina.

In order to ensure freshness – and all of the health benefits that come with fresh extra virgin olive oil – our stock will change regularly, by season. If you don’t see your favorite type of extra virgin olive oil in our store, fear not! It will probably return in a few months. Just ask us and we would be happy to make a note to ensure that we order that variety when it becomes available again.

If you come to the store and you’re looking for fresh, ask us about which single-varietals we have in stock and take a taste!